Hound Bytes is a bargain basement Dug the Dog

I've yet to see Up, but I keep hearing about this hilarious dog in the film, which speaks its mind through a telepathic thought-to-speech collar. While it sounds like science fiction, that technology is closer than you might think! Researchers at places where things are considered to exist estimate that similar collars could be around the neck of your beloved dog as soon as telepathy is a real thing. Until then, there's "Hound Bytes", an x-rated clip-on speaker that barks theoretically humorous quips when triggered by remote control. It's only $13 plus shipping, far cheaper than a dog costume, the traditional way to embarrass a dog and its owner at the same time. [via John Biggs]
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One Response to Hound Bytes is a bargain basement Dug the Dog

  1. Cory (a different one) says:

    This reminds me a of a product I heard about a few years ago that would “translate” your dog’s barks into a language you can understand. A few minutes research turned up “bow lingual”


    “translates” your dog’s sounds into 6 emotional responses and plays a phrase of what your little buddy might just be saying.

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