Pictures taken by Malcolm and Ruby using the Pets Eye View camera

For our routine late morning walk today and at a neighborhood BBQ on Saturday, I put Uncle Milton's Pet's Eye View cameras on Ruby and Malcolm's collars. They're lightweight, mini cameras that clip onto collars and snap 640x480 photos at 1, 5 or 15 minute intervals. I set them on 1 minute intervals, and we were off!
Ruby's photo stream.jpg
Photo: Ruby Keilana The above is Ruby's photo stream. Most of the pics were blurry shots of the grass or of my legs, but she took several solid nature photos. I especially love the one of the gravel &mdash nice, isn't it? The shot of Malcolm's butt is lovely too. The camera only stores a maximum of 40 photos for up to 5-6 hours &mdash after that, the 8MB SDRAM internal memory erases itself and you lose everything. Most of the pics ended up pretty blurry, which made me wonder why this thing doesn't have motion sensors or at least some kind of basic blur reduction mechanism.
Malcolm photo roll.jpg
Photo: Malcolm Keilana Malcolm took a lot of pictures of my legs &mdash he must have wanted cookies from my treat bag. I expected to see a lot more of other dog's butts, or maybe even their faces because he likes to sniff muzzles, but one major flaw of this cam is that it takes pictures not necessarily of what he sees, but what his neck is pointing to. Also, the camera just takes pics randomly every minute, so it's likely they're either sleeping or running around &mdash neither of which yield quality photo opps. These were the best six shots out of two rolls of 40 each. These cameras are $40 apiece &mdash it's super low tech and doesn't take great photos, but could be a fine gift for crazy dog moms and dads, maybe. Product page [Uncle Milton]

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7 Responses to Pictures taken by Malcolm and Ruby using the Pets Eye View camera

  1. Chriss says:

    You can get it for 10 bucks on eBay. But it’s not really even worth that. I barely got any decent photos the first I used it on my pup. And then I have to rush to my computer b/c the battery is going to die?

  2. alphabitch says:

    maybe some kind of velcro stabilizer device could be affixed to a harness instead of a collar, esp. on a larger dog. I’ve seen DIY instructions for petcams, and a photogallery from some guy’s cat. Lots of shots of the view from under cars and inside culverts. Very nice.


  3. David B. says:

    Seems to me you could do much better by getting one of those super small digital cameras and mount it on any number of those goofy ear things that people force their dogs to wear (bunny ears, antlers, et al). Much closer to the eyes/nose and many of those cams have remote controls to snap pics…

  4. gabrielm says:

    Poor, poor ruby… What happened to her other ear?

  5. Craig says:

    thanks for the piece and a smile to start the day off with, I used your story on our blog today. Thanks again.

  6. Rob Beschizza says:

    It’s in the shop being upgraded to WiMax

  7. hokano says:

    So…more of a pet’s neck view?

    Still, the shot of the tree in the upper left of the last six looks like an interesting enough chunk of the universe to make life worth living.

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