Video Gallery: Dogs vs. Robots

Consider the Fourth Law:
A robot must confuse, agitate and/or do battle with all canines, unless such action conflicts with the First, Second and Third Laws.
After the jump, videos in which robotic dogs, raptors, humanoids, vacuums and other bots face off against "real" pooches... This post is part of a Theme Day: BBG on Dogs."There's nothing lazier than an old Black Lab!" "Robot Retreat!" [via Gadget Lab] Roboraptor guard dog engages at 00:33 Looks like somebody's bark is worse than his bite HOWTO go for the throat at 1:05 Lola is not buying into the Talking Jesus doll-bot &mdash not one bit Pitbulls don't always strike first and ask questions later Pickle is intimidated by the Tekno Robot Dog And then there are cats...
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2 Responses to Video Gallery: Dogs vs. Robots

  1. overunger says:

    Sentient robots in the future are gonna see these and cry.

  2. kaiza says:

    Needs more roboraptor vs real raptor action.

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