Econo-Keys, the reversible keyboard

The actual keyboard I like, assuming it's not as squidgy and strange as it looks. But the overall concept is hard to get behind, if you see what I mean. [via Oh Gizmo]

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6 Responses to Econo-Keys, the reversible keyboard

  1. elisd says:

    Except that it appears to suffer from the netbook right-shift key problem.

    The only real use of a portable external keyboard that I can see is with a netbook. So, making one with the same deficiencies as a built-in netbook keyboard seems really dumb.

  2. Anonymous says:

    People are DEFINATELY going to look at you funny when you reach your hand under the keyboard while surfing to use the touchpad. Perhaps “fingering my touchpad” should be a new euphimsim.

  3. Simeon says:

    When I bought a netbook I did wish for a trackpad on the bottom. The idea makes sense, but not this implementation.

  4. Amplifier says:

    Looks like it’s waterproof to a meter, could be perfect to use in the bath!

  5. Chrs says:

    It is really odd that you don’t flip it around the long axis, that would make a lot more sense.

  6. kcampbell0283 says:

    I’m thinking it’d be good for traveling. Plus on their site now its only $76.

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