Levitron Revolution levitates your keepsakes, Dr. Strange figurines

Aaron M. writes:
I had a chance to see this new invention at the New York Toy Fair and it is finally public on their website. There is a small disk which levitates a few inches above the surface of an illuminated base. The disk rotates on its own. You can place up to 4 ounces of whatever you like on the disk and it will endlessly hover and rotate while the lights from the base illuminate it. If you have any kind of collection (action figures, minerals, shells, glass figures, etc), this is really killer. Hopefully they'll post some movies soon. It should be available from retailers by Christmas (that is what they promised).
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7 Responses to Levitron Revolution levitates your keepsakes, Dr. Strange figurines

  1. Walt says:

    The Levitron Revolution is really cool. I was able to play with one of the samples at a recent Gift Show. It is kind of a pain to get it started but once you do, it is incredibly stable. I was told this product should be available in about a month.

  2. overunger says:

    Yes yes, more things like this please!!!

    If it can hold four ounces, a bigger one can hold a person — engineers take note!!!!!

  3. HeruRaHa says:

    I think i just found my new stash-jar.

  4. Steven Leckart says:

    I want one of these powerful enough for my dog and his bed.

  5. Alan says:

    Hmmm… how much does a hamster weigh?

  6. dculberson says:

    One laptop stand sighted.

  7. mehaak says:

    this is nice, more thins like this?

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