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Recently on Offworld we got the exclusive drop on Jottobots -- the next 'artxgame' from culture shops/gallery Giant Robot and Attract Mode -- which this time brings longtime Offworld favorite illustrator, artist, and They Might Be Giants collaborator J.otto Seibold together with indie dev and Snapshot producer Kyle Pulver. Their game is going on display this Saturday, the 13th at LA's GR2 gallery: head over to the post for all the details. Elsewhere we saw two more developments for budding indie devs: submissions open for Tokyo Game Show's mini-indie-showcase Sense of Wonder Night, and Collabs, a new subsection of game portal Kongregate that hopes to bring artists and musicians together with developers for future collaboration. We also saw beautiful(-ly nauseating) new screenshots of Valve's Left 4 Dead 2, and the first look at Sin and Punishment 2, the Wii followup to the basically legendary import N64 game from cult favorite dev Treasure, listened to resolutely 1-bit bleeps from Poland's Mister Beep, found a new Tetris construction T-shirt, and got what amounts to a heart-meltingly adorable Shadow of the Colossus/LittleBigPlanet crossover costumes, complete with tiny plush Wander hanging off the arm of an already downsized Colossus. And the day's 'one shot's: Harmonix re-create Abbey Road in plastic at E3, and one artist's attempt at creating box art for the wholly downloadable Art Style games.

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