The imaginary musical instruments of Yanko

Theirs is a wonderful gallery of designs, mockups and creative ideas: wouldn't it be cool if all of them were realized and a concert performed?

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2 Responses to The imaginary musical instruments of Yanko

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    Heading out to Eden
    Yea brother

    Heading out to Eden

    No more trouble in my body or my mind
    Gonna live like a king on whatever I find
    Eat all the fruit and throw away the rind

    Yea brother, yea.

  2. Amplifier says:

    Ha @Strider, I just watched that episode. Thought it was unfortunate the ambassador’s son used such a boringly ordinary drum, he should have had one of these for sure.

    Looks like the drum table ca actually be bought.

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