Cardboard Happy Hacking Keyboard

This appears to be a cardboard Happy Hacker keyboard offered for aboyt $70. At what point does start taking the mickey? Let's see one made of cake. Update: Alas, they just left the cardboard key tray in for the shot, presumably to make it clear what you're getting.

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4 Responses to Cardboard Happy Hacking Keyboard

  1. jill21 says:

    I think that is pretty crazy, I have a patio umbrella store and the employees there make things like that for fun. Hopefully someone can get some use out of that!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a set of replacement key tops for the Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro. Not the KEYBOARD itself!

  3. scaught says:

    It’s just the keys?

    (did I miss the joke again?)

  4. Luc says:

    Yup, it’s just a set of blank keytops. What is a shame, though, is that they only have the ‘without QWERTY’ option, completely ignoring AZERTY users again.

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