The Kindle DX with 10 everyday things

Books Gadgets Fiddle A box that Amazon ships standard size hardback books in A 1970s U.S. Army helmet Newspaper newspaper.jpg iPod Shuffle Puppy Miniature Eiffel Tower Computer keyboard Read our review of the Kindle DX.

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11 Responses to The Kindle DX with 10 everyday things

  1. Marlet says:

    i want a left hand side reader, need to make one of thoese people
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  2. Mike Reffalt says:

    Join the Army, have school age kids and visit Paris while stationed in Germany. My kids were not so crazy about it at the time. Wonder what they think now?

  3. Oudein says:

    Wow. As someone who graduated from St. John’s in Annapolis, I am stunned to see that anyone has a complete set of the Great Books. I agree with #1 John Ratliff, and am suddenly, depressingly aware of the dearth of cool attributable to my own Collection of Stuff.

  4. Adam Stanhope says:

    Dog on couch: minus 10 points
    Leather couch: plus 9 points

    Almost breakeven!

  5. killdeer says:

    Proof that everyone has a bunch of old National Geographic Magazines.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Flip it upside down, the text flips and now it’s a left handed reader.

  7. kawika says:

    Comfy digs. It makes up for Walt Mossberg’s review, in which he compares the Kindle DX unfavorably to the Kindle 2.

  8. John Ratliff says:

    I want to live in a house where a violin, an army helmet, and a model of the Eiffel Tower are all considered “everyday things.”

  9. SlasherMCT says:

    I see it is another device that ignores left-handed people…

  10. Joe Frost says:

    I have a leather couch, racks of books, stacks of National Geographic and a small dog. I do not have a violin or a miniature Eiffel Tower. I consider my lifestyle pretty darn good. Oh, I also have a Kindle DX but never set it next to the stack of National Geographics.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps it ignores left handed people in the way that a physical book does by being opened on the right hand side. Perhaps you should find a Kindle designed for Hebrew?

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