How to tether your Palm Pre

Instructions are at Is You Geeked Up?.
Credit goes to fish199902 for this one. Basically, you setup an SSH tunnel to the Pre, which supports running as a SOCKS proxy. You then configure your browser to point to this proxy and BAM, you're tethering away.

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4 Responses to How to tether your Palm Pre

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    Was “BAM” more technical jargon?

    I’m confused. :|

  2. raja says:

    Here’s a more friendly option:

  3. Deadpan says:

    As a Rogue Tech Support Agent, I’ve been telling my dejected Pre users to try a lanyard.

    The iPhone lacks a proper lanyard hole for this purpose, shame on them.

  4. Grant says:

    Thanks for making it so clear… but for those of us who need more basic instructions, (I mean basic!) how do you tether?

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