Pointless nanny state knife about to hit stores

Britain is the unsurprising origin of this ridiculous implement. Inspired by calls to ban kitchen knives entirely, this Home Office-approved item will soon be available from New Point Knives. If there was a Nobel prize for missing the point, designer John Carnock would doubtless be a strong contender. First 'anti-stab' knife to go on sale in Britain [Times]

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37 Responses to Pointless nanny state knife about to hit stores

  1. PaulR says:

    …and the fabric-snag tooth only works if you’re wearing sufficiently strong unravel-proof fabric.

    …and what about the massive infection produced by all the fabric being pulled into the wound, eh?

  2. Dillenger69 says:

    But, how do you defend yourself against a man armed with a banana?

  3. Jason! says:

    If there was a Nobel prize for missing the point, designer John Carnock would doubtless be a strong contender.

    Hardly. He didn’t write the laws; he’s simply profiting off of them. Sounds like a smart plan to me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think these are a perfectly good idea. They could go some way to prevent accidents around the home, and in the rare event that you suffer some sort of house invasion, an intruder would find them less useful than normal knives.

    Anyone suggesting that Chavs are going to embark on ironmongery exercises in order to avail themselves of weapons is laughable. Chavs may have accomplished tool-use but I’m doubtful as to the manufacture of such beyond the opportunistic breaking of a bottle or so. They make use of what society provides without cultivating the capacity to produce, create or innovate. I imagine that were all knives rendered blunt-tipped, the flat-head screwdriver would be the next port of call.

    I note with amusement that an internet knife-fight has begun above, and await the conclusion with great gusto.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nanny State?? This is 1984…

  6. kossmikman says:

    As the saying says, fear the man threatening you with a spoon.

  7. Bruce Fisher says:

    People need to be given freedom to make mistakes and learn about the consequences as part of ther human development. That is why we are here(in part). Government keeps taking that away by making massive volumes of life-debilitating regulations. Government should be banish in its present form, in all countries. It is of no real use to people – it makes people dependent, encourages victim mentalities, and is highly punitive in nature.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think people often confuse issues when something like this occurs. There are two arguments that seem to be getting muddled up:

    1. This will make the household safer
    2. This will make the streets safer

    I have no doubt that this may be a reasonable tool for around the house, and an individual may purchase such a tool for safety’s sake. I know I have dropped knives once or twice, and I’m sure my feet, my rabbit, and my ferrett would appreciate a blunted point.

    That the Home Office has become involved, combined with the banning of knives in general, in Britian, is the real issue at hand. Selling knives with blunted points will not keep pointy knives out of the hands of criminals. Criminals break laws (by definition), therefore any regulation or rule restricting weapons will not restrain criminals.

  9. ridiculous says:

    Can’t people just grind the tips to a point? Maybe they can start selling blunt sticks and twigs, oh wait, that can be sharpened too… I know! They can start handing out wet envelopes, that surely won’t hurt anyone.

  10. Halloween Jack says:

    I think that you could pin the blame on either the rash of stabbing deaths in Britain lately, or sensationalist reporting of same, rather than some “nanny state” (which term gets used for everything from banning lawn darts to having any sort of food or drug regulation whatsoever). It’s a futile idea, to be sure–do they really think that chavs won’t make shivs?–but that’s actually a clever design that retains a little point for the only thing that I’d use the tip of a kitchen knife for, which would be to open a package of hot dogs.

  11. The Life Of Bryan says:

    Kinda curious how all of the sudden one relatively small society is having such a problem with a common household tool. But such problems can be very difficult to think directly at, so it’s probably better just to blunt their carving knives and be done with it. I, for one, have complete faith in the power of prohibitions of all sorts and am utterly certain that once we take all the stabby bits out of their kitchens they’ll stop killing each other in short order.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Back in Nelson’s Navy, one of the signs that a ship-captain was worried about mutiny was when he had all the riggers turn in their knives to thave the points ground off. Perhaps this is the same thing writ large.

  13. Mosby says:

    Sick. GB is simply sick. This is like trying to regulate rocks. Seize back your country from the weak, fast, or you will be toast. Sickly, twisted, pathetic weaklings have hijacked what was once a nation feared by it’s enemies and respected by it’s friends.

    This isn’t about knives, crime, or anything like it. It’s about sickly, pathetic weaklings thinking they can legislate human evolutionary behavior with this sort of fantastical logic.

    I can’t wait to see your cities burn. You deserve it. You have sullied beyond all comprehension the memories of your grandfathers who stood on the beaches waiting to receive the Nazis with little more than Enfields and shotguns. And this is what you have become.

    You should be banned from procreating. You will only produce jellyfish.

  14. Anonymous says:

    @ Dillenger69 #6

    But, how do you defend yourself against a man armed with a banana?

    “What about pointy sticks?”

  15. Rob Huling says:

    Well, per the airlines, my nail trimmers posed a treat to the crew and passengers and thus was confiscated. Anything is a weapon, but the most lethal weapon is the human body. Oh No! I am going to be banned next!

  16. toxonix says:

    Cheap knives are ugly. These are cheap looking and ugly.
    These are missing every quality I desire in a knife.

  17. flagtag says:

    Ok. What is to keep people from sharpening the knives to a point? (Other than the fact that it would no doubt be illegal)

  18. Chris Tucker says:

    Attention, residents of Great Britain:

    You are all now living in The Village. You are all numbers.

    You have a choice to make.

    You can choose to be free men and women, or you can choose to be numbers.

    Choose wisely.

  19. eatsheepanddie says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. No wonder a rag-tag group of settlers ran them off. GMAFB!

  20. Bloodboiler says:

    I agree that pointless knives are mostly pointless, but they probably make killing harder. Slashing would have to hit a major artery with well coordinated movement, whereas poorly thought out stabbing anywhere in the torso would likely kill.

    (I’m not a murdered)

  21. flwombat says:

    #16: you and I are both spouting off without firsthand knowledge, but are you sure it would make killing harder? Isn’t slashing the primary move in knife fighting?

  22. larsrc says:

    #17 – Slashing may be the primary move in knife fighting, but stabbing is the primary murder method for average people grabbing a knife to attack/defend with. It does make heat-of-the-moment kills harder, and honestly, I can’t remember the last time I used the point on my big kitchen knife. So making this knife is no bad thing, but outlawing kitchen knifes altogether — lobbied by food producers much?

  23. ANONYMOUS says:

    for all the idiots that think its pointless you need to think again there will probably be more expensive and nicer ones but i think it doesnt matter what the price its going to be amazing and help. the fact that people are being sarcastic is pathetic, this will save lives and you think its a joke. ok people like to laugh and some may not agree with it but you have to accept its a good idea and will help

  24. ANONYMOUS says:

    I wrote before and the people who said whats the point having a knife with out a point are obviously blind as it does have a point and other that for shell fish there is no point having one. :P

  25. Anonymous says:

    didn’t we already have knives without points, in the form of meat cleavers? I’d like to see someone try to stab with one of those.

  26. yasth says:

    Well it would be the perfect gift for a wedding one feels ill advised.

  27. Marty B says:

    That’s the cue for them to resort to stabbing people with screwdrivers or bludgeoning them to death instead.

  28. PaulR says:

    gouldina @ 21: “What do you use the point of a kitchen knife for?”

    Cleaning fingernails?

    Or is it just me?

  29. JamesPadraicR says:

    Pointlessly pointless?
    Fine, but to state the obvious, given enough force you can be stabbed by pretty much anything. How many times have we seen stories about people being punctured by, say, rebar or tree branches, etc.? Bullets? Blunt, but with lots of force.

    I suppose it’ll prevent accidents by klutzy cooks, who might trip, or who wave their hands around while talking and cooking. You know someone will buy it. I’ll stick with my Henckels.

  30. Jesper says:

    Oh for friggs sake, get real people. 20 seconds of uncontrolled blood loss from a slash across your arms or legs and you are down fainting and bleeding to death as well…

    what’s next – bicycles? I could actually kill someone with one if you give me a bout two minutes of heavy stumping…


  31. Juergen says:

    Rounded-tip knives have been available for quite some time over here – for children ;-)

    Not to make a too fine point of it (pun intended), but a knife is just as deadly when used for slashing… you just need to aim at other parts.

  32. gouldina says:

    I really don’t see the problem here. What do you use the point of a kitchen knife for? Virtually nothing I would argue. No (of virtually no) kid’s going to go to the trouble of grinding the knife to a point or making a shiv. You’re nuts if you think they are. The point is that most of the stabbings that have happened lately are done with kitchen knives and making that more difficult has to be a good thing. Isn’t this just some sort of American “you can’t take my weapons off me” overreaction to a fairly reasonable idea?

  33. Orange Tom says:

    If you know a little about anatomy, it is incredibly simple to kill someone with a rolled-up magazine. I guess we should all breathe a sigh of relief that magazines are all going virtual, huh?

  34. adamrice says:

    What about the anti-slice knife? Clearly, UK subjects should only be allowed to buy pabulum. Nothing to poke or cut, no knives needed.

  35. Owen says:

    Great idea, that only leave the (Gross estimation of two per household) 33 million kitchen knives ‘on the street’ to hand back!

  36. Mary Sue says:

    I’m looking at that wicked hook on the end and thinking, “skinning knife”.

    I hunt, I think these things.

  37. Primar says:

    I think the argument was less “they’re taking away my pointy knives from me!” and more “this seems a bit silly, really”.

    If I want to stab someone, there’s more than enough things I can do that with that aren’t “stab-proof” knives. This isn’t going to make any difference, unless the government plans to force us to replace all our cutlery with the “stab-proof” variety.

    Actually, I’d better not say that too loud around any politicians…

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