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Recently on Offworld we saw Kevin Slavin -- co-founder of drop7 developer area/code deliver a fascinating speech on the future interplay of TV and games at the recent 5D Immersive Design Conference that's well worth a half hour of your time for its background on the company and its lesser known location/real world games, and the conjecture that 'any screen without a mouse ships "broken"'. We also saw the puppet-show insanity of the latest trailer for upcoming PS3 remake of the original Katamari Damacy games, spotted the newest Left 4 Dead mobile from the creator of the Team Fortress original, and saw new songs from the inimitable Spinal Tap coming to Rock Band. Finally we played a fantastic set of augmented reality web-mini-games from Poke London and LittleBigPlanet artist Rex Crowle (above), coveted gorgeously designed T-shirts from Japanese developer Hudson, followed the latest #fezfriday, and our 'one shot's for the day: David Cronenberg's 8-bit daydream, and Pokemon, pixel by pixel.

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