Global Street Food exhibit shows the world's snack rigs

At the Vitra Design Museum until the 12th of July, "Global Street Food" is an exhibition of all the carts and boats and strange contraptions used by street vendors around the world. Today and Tomorrow has a image gallery and video preview. My favorite thing at E3 in Los Angeles has always been the Mexican vendors who linger around the outside of the Staples Center, cooking bacon-wrapped hot dogs that they cook on shopping baskets topped with jerry-rigged griddles made from aluminum sheet pans. I asked the guy once how much it cost him to build one and he told it me it was around $20—cheap enough to just leave if the police came by to chase him off for selling food without a license. [via Kottke]
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2 Responses to Global Street Food exhibit shows the world's snack rigs

  1. redsquares says:

    This exhibit will inevitably find its way in the midst of a police chase, sending cop cars a-piling and snack foods a-raining down.

    The police commissioner will not be happy.

  2. Emily says:

    Yes, those hot dogs are the best. I always got them after USC games.

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