Basic Peek model now $20 everywhere

Target, Radioshack and Amazon all now sell the unlimited email/messaging handset for $20: a murderously good deal for anyone who wants messaging but doesn't want a contract or an expensive data plan. Peek service starts at $16.65 a month if you buy a quarter's worth up front. [Peek]

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5 Responses to Basic Peek model now $20 everywhere

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been wondering about these Peeks–how many people are retaining the service after a few months? Any stats floating around?

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    I just noticed that.

    We were at Target where my wife thought for some reason they might have a decent MP3 player (wrong) when I saw ‘em up on the peg.

    If I didn’t already carry a phone that lets me ignore emails I’d SO be into ignoring ‘em on one of these.

  3. amol says:

    Hey guys — I work for Peek and can say yes people are sticking around…can’t share the ##s though :)

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    “I work for Peek ”


  5. Chris S says:

    WAAAAA! Want Peek in Canada!!

    Canadians are moving from minorly miffed to aggravated about the increasing number of devices that just don’t come north.

    I see these possibilities (with Likelihood Scores):

    1) Peek doesn’t care. (1/10)

    2) Peek is busy, and is focussing on what they can handle in their core market (5/10)

    3) Peek has the time, but just can’t justify the extra work right now for what is a small chunk of their current in-market potential (6/10)

    3) Canada has only one GSM provider, and Peek would have to badly break their market model on the current suggested terms with that provider (8/10)

    4) Canada has only one GSM provider, and they could offer Peek a workable deal, but that GSM provider figures it would cannibalize their existing revenue streams to let people do cheap email (8/10)

    Any other suggestions from Canadians?

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