Photo: Wind Harvester props are huge

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25 Responses to Photo: Wind Harvester props are huge

  1. fetishphreak says:

    One of the plants that makes these wings is in My town, Grand Forks, North Dakota.

    one size they make is like 137 Meters long.

    They are frackin HUGE.

  2. Bond says:

    I saw this same truck about 15-20 days ago here in Brazil-Sao Paulo, running the road in the way to Santos´s seaport…

  3. EricT says:

    hey! that’s right in front of my Office

  4. EricT says:

    quite literally. If dog Mantra were to look to his left he would see my bldg

  5. airshowfan says:

    Once I drove past a truck on the highway carrying a turbine blade, just like this. I’m an aerospace structures engineer, and it took me 10 or 20 seconds to figure out what this thing was. I kept asking myself “Wing skin?”, “Rocket part?”, “Structural test specimen?“, “Internal structure (Building structure? Pipeline structure? Wing spar?) wrapped up in plastic?”, then I went “OH!…”

  6. TJ S says:

    Propeller, or a sword for that life-sized Gundam?

  7. hokano says:

    giant wind harvester prop is giant.

  8. hohum says:

    They look pretty insignificant from far away, but get right up close to them… They’re freaking massive, and they make this awesomely creepy whooshing noise… I absolutely love them!

  9. chris b. says:

    Tell that guy that his insurance should cover a replacement windshield.

  10. Sam Moore says:

    Vestas ( has 5 boats for shipping these blades from their (soon to be closed) factory in the Isle of Wight to the port of Southampton.

    The boats names: Bladerunner 1-5

  11. Clay says:

    I never quite understood megalophobia (fear of large objects) until I saw a wind farm in person. Such size is at once entrancing and ever so slightly terrifying.

  12. Cowtown2 says:

    Probably saw about 10 or 15 of these trucks rumbling up Highway 287 towards the llano estacado for T. Boone Pickens’ wind farms, and they never ceased to impress.

  13. Cowtown2 says:

    10 or 15 over the past year, that is.

  14. k0an says:

    Wow, their windshield shattered out of sheer terror!

  15. Brad Grier says:

    Cool article on the company that makes these and Canadian wind power in this month’s Canadian Geographic magazine:

  16. larsrc says:

    Living near the port where Vestas ships a goodly chunk of their windmill parts, I get to see these frequently (though less frequently the last half year or so…). They are not only huge, they are carefully mounted on their trucks to clear the road — barely. I think there was 5cm left under one wing I saw crossing a particularly blugy intersection.

  17. Ryan says:

    I pass these on the highways around here all the time. There’s a wind farm on the way up to Langdon, ND, from Fargo. Really cool seeing dozens of the turbines all going.

  18. rhinobumpy says:

    Ive seen quite a few of these on I-81 around Chambersburg PA. I have also seen the hub and dyno housings, they are about the size of a two story house and painted that strange light blue grey color the vw beetle was available in a few years back.

  19. flwombat says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s a factory churning out these babies somewhere near me. There certainly are plenty of windfarms nearby.

    I drove to Des Moines a couple of weeks ago and saw maybe 10 of these going by on trucks. I saw one up close and personal, in the lane right next to me, as we all stopped in the middle of nowhere for a traffic jam that seemed inexplicable until a state trooper chased a sheep past my car. Iowa!

  20. Michiel says:

    What’s up with his windshield?

  21. SUBTLEWORLD says:

    A friend was driving her youth group through a wind farm one of them said ” Uh… wind farms are such a waste of electricity!” Hilarious!

  22. woolie says:

    I saw several of these on I45 from Houston to Dallas last weekend.

  23. Charles says:

    I live in Olympia, WA where they are bringing these in on a ship. The ship is rigged specially for these, they are stacked on the deck in these frame type things.
    Thye are very inpressive in size, especially up close. They often have some stacked up right near the fence. The whole assembled units must be enormous.

  24. Powerphail says:

    Wow, I never knew how big they were, I’ve only seen them from afar. Oh, and apparently they makes bats’ lungs explode.

  25. hobosaurus says:

    I’ve seen bigger.

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