"This listing has ended without a bid"


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7 Responses to "This listing has ended without a bid"

  1. FanMade.org says:

    Someone put some love into this… Maybe the wrong kind of love, but it’s there nonetheless.

    I wonder what the response time on the jeweled A and B button are?

  2. TomDG says:

    I really want that… That would look so great with my.. uh

  3. Flush_It says:

    Makes me want to go pimp a ho and sip some Kool Aid while playing Mario Bro’s

  4. Noelle says:

    I can’t lie – I want this. I love that it’s so tacky! :D

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think using that ratty-looking peacock feather as a finishing touch is what keeps it classy.

  6. TheAmazingYeah says:

    Complete with a bottle of Sex Panther – both made with real bits of panther so you know they’re good.

  7. HeatherB says:

    Things that make you go eeewwwwww…..

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