Do your own Ioning

Kuroutoshikokou's Nvidia Ion motherboard includes an Atom CPU, 16x PCI-E slot, HDMI out and 6 USB ports. [Akihabara News]

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3 Responses to Do your own Ioning

  1. mackenzi says:

    Hey I just cut a smash hit single. I can listen to it up to 4 times in a row without puking. I was inspired to do this project by Mark Frauenfelder’s “Make” magazine in which many fun things to make can be found, including houseboats out of old oil drums. I also enjoy ordering expensive coffee drinks from the cafe menu without the expresso shots.

  2. TJ S says:

    Be honest, did you just post this so you could write the cheesy headline?

    (I would have done the same thing…)

  3. Rob Beschizza says:


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