Leather laptop bag folds 8 ways

Hard Graft's 2UNFOLD laptop bag is, well, my kind of laptop bag: leather, lots of pockets and compartments, and unnecessarily complicated. Designed to transform into 8 different styles--briefcase, shoulder bag, rucksack, reversible courier (leather or canvas) and reversible clutch--it can fit a 17" or 13" laptop depending on which config you fold it into, and is made in Italy.

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16 Responses to Leather laptop bag folds 8 ways

  1. hohum says:

    Ah, if only it weren’t leather, I’d be all over this joint.

  2. mackenzi says:

    Does this bag come with backup Netbook?

  3. theawesomerobot says:

    This bag is so nice I think I’ll need a bag to carry it in so I don’t ruin it.

  4. seanjjordan says:

    And at only 349 euros (or $483 US), it’s well out of my price range!

    Nice bag, though.

  5. HeatherB says:

    That’s sexy nice.

  6. Rickyneck says:

    The bag looks nice in it’s messenger bag configuration, but I’m not sure about the others. I’m thinking the cries of ugly are mostly for the fully folded out versions.

  7. Garr says:

    Just sent the link out to my family. Subject: “looking for a christmas present? Search no more”

  8. Anonymous says:

    I would be all over this if it didn’t look like it would increase the mass and volume of my 13″ notebook by 10x. I paid extra for that little thing for a reason.

  9. hanzo says:

    @Zzarazza The one from Working Class Heroes? I have that as well. I love the aniline leather. The only gripe I have is my 13″ macbook won’t fit sideways in the bag with their wool sleeve :(

    I have the previous model of this and several of their laptop sleeves. I highly recommend this company, they just “get it”.


  10. dqkennard says:

    I think it looks unnecessarily bulky and awkward in almost all configurations. I don’t like the appearance in most configurations. The design and what looks like thick leather means it would be heavier than I’d put up even before putting anything at all into it. Pockets have gaps at the flaps, which means small stuff like pens could fall out if turned sideways — which of course is what it’s supposedly designed to do. Adjustment straps use buckles, which would make it slow to adjust, let alone to convert.

    It looks to me like basically a big leather totebag, with some gimmicks that (for me) would further reduce its utility.

    Not for me, even if it weren’t so expensive.

  11. Great bag, looks comfortable!

  12. Jay says:

    I bought this bag about 3 months ago and It’s going to be with me for life. Had to save up for it but it was so worth it. The only downside is that it didn’t come with an included laptop sleeve like a lot of other laptop bags usually do nowadays.

  13. .myke says:

    I hate you for finding this bag. I must now have this and 6 months to Christmas ARGH!

    The bag is stunning!

  14. JJliverpool says:

    Awesome – finally a design which doesn’t look like a dull laptop bag and a bonus that it’s not mass produced in Asia. Just a shame it’s not all-leather, would buy it in flash if it was.

  15. ZzaRaZza says:

    It’s a gorgeous bag, I own the previous version, and its best feature is that it doesn’t look like a laptop bag. Considering I have a 17″ MBP and the total lack of girl-suitable laptop bags that size, this one is perfect. I almost regret having the old one ’cause I want this new one :)

  16. AdamTheMechE says:

    It looks great, but it really only folds 2 ways and reverses in each of those cases (really neat, but impractical), and has 4 other ways to orient the strap.

    I actually really like the idea of having a messenger bag that you can orient like a backpack, but the price and impracticality of this design unsells it for me.

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