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Bad things can happen when city slickers head out into the great outdoors and play with new and unfamiliar gear, gadgets and &mdash in John Candy's case &mdash speedboats. Today on BBG, we'll be reviewing sleeping bags, technical blankets, headlamps, gravity-based water filters, a number of 2-person tents optimized for ultralight packing, car camping and other conditions. We'll also look at potentially-cool outdoor apps for the iPhone, a portable solar charger, fasty-dry pack towels, camping gear for dogs, a big-ass tarp tent you attach to your car, and more. Don't worry, none of us tested any outdoor vehicles.
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2 Responses to BBG on... Camping

  1. killdeer says:

    Your HTML didn’t parse.

  2. danilo says:

    Hell yes. I am moving to the Pacific Northwest specifically to indulge my love for hiking and camping. I’ll be watching!

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