Video Update: My garden is coming along (iPhone 3GS Video comparison)

Except for some habanero peppers and some sugar snap peas that don't seem to want to thrive, my garden is doing quite nicely. It's been a joy to have space to work on it. I shot this vid with the iPhone 3GS and uploaded to YouTube directly from the phone. It took about 10 seconds to send this 30-second clip, including compressing and sending over Wi-Fi. Interestingly, the video was viewable on YouTube within about 60 seconds, but there was a little bar at the top that said that processing was still going on. "This video is still being processed. Video quality may improve once processing is complete." I hope so, because while being able to upload right from the phone is great, the video quality is definitely lacking. Here's what it looks like when I uploaded the original 13.3MB file directly to YouTube. Still not amazing, but definitely better.
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5 Responses to Video Update: My garden is coming along (iPhone 3GS Video comparison)

  1. Jim says:

    Hmm, looks pretty good to me, but I’ve never shot video with a phone before. Are there other phones with better video quality?

  2. T Ruparell says:

    Hey – you might be interested in this app I just made — days away from getting onto the app store — as it might scratch your gardening and iphone itch

    here is a link to the site and (as I say) the app should be up soon (hopefully even by this weekend if Apple lives up to its claim of most apps being approved within a week or so

    check it out

  3. flaunted says:

    i see a UFO.

  4. HeatherB says:

    Our pumpkins and sunflowers are coming along nicely this year. And our blackberry bush that we planted last year has finally started to yield some fruit. Just need to keep the ruddy birds away.

    I’m also growing lettuce and spring onions but they’ve a while to go and the tomatoes are tiny and green but getting there. Can’t wait.

  5. sg says:

    wow, you’ve got flowers on your squash already? lucky bastard. I’ve got another week on mine at least before the flowers start to open. But my peas are rocking the house right now, and I’m afraid the hops vine is going to outgrow its homemade 8-foot-tall trellis.

    Joel, do you have any interest in figs? I’ve got a couple of rooted/sprouted cuttings that I won’t have room for in my yard- only a foot or so tall now, but they grow fast. I could bring them by the next secret society meeting, if that’s still going on…

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