Portable Radio

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6 Responses to Portable Radio

  1. Mark says:

    now THAT is a boom box…

  2. aref says:

    looks like the same guy

  3. TJ S says:

    If only the guy in the picture was younger, this would be perfect for Dork Yearbook.

  4. osc says:

    Sweeet! That is more like a portable synth: ElectroComp + Seq, EML-101 and a Shure VocalMaster.

  5. technogeek says:

    Reminds me that I miss the Arp2600… There was something so intuitive and physical about patchpanels and knobs as a way of programming synths. Closest we get these days is Reason, which doesn’t quite encourage the same manic “I don’t care what it’s supposed to do, let’s try this and see what it does” approach.

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