Pre takes a bite out of iPhone in new Sprint ad


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12 Responses to Pre takes a bite out of iPhone in new Sprint ad

  1. dole says:

    @7: Curious as to why Sprint’s dog dung. I switched from Verizon to Sprint, and although I have to force roaming inside my work (which I believe ends up using Verizon towers) the Sprint coverage elsewhere has been great. Having an everything plan for two people for $129 a month is a pretty good deal, and while their customer service can be a pain, you CAN wrestle with them with most things. I think they’ve got some of the better rates of the industry, and I love my Touch Pro. The Pre… I was pretty disappointed by the latest commercial where it shows it in action. The sliding movement looks choppy and people have complained about it being slow… I’m sure the next version will be better but I’m worried Palm may have shot themselves in the foot with a phone/OS not ready for primetime.

    That said, I’m not looking forward to the S.O. wanting an iPhone by years’ end, either. I’ll have to pony up the majority of cash to pay my own way on Sprint ($99 for single everything? ehhhh….), or switch to AT&T, at which time I’m not sure if I’d get the next HTC WinMo incarnation or just give in and get an iPhone myself considering we’ll be paying out the nose anyways. I don’t WANT to drink the juice, but having one of the more usable phone browsers is a huge plus for me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This ad coming soon to Photoshop Disasters thanks to that awful reflection. The phone is almost excusable, but that apple is just embarrassingly wrong.

  3. Steven Leckart says:

    Perfect timing to get a 3GS no?

  4. PatGund says:

    The drawback, of course, is that it’s Sprint. Sprint is the dog dung on the sneaker of the cell phone industry.

  5. Patrick Austin says:

    Does anyone at Palm really think someone would want to go from the iPhone to the Pre? It’s awesome for a Sprint phone, but I just don’t know too many really dissatisfied iPhone users. Most of them are still prone to gushing when asked how they like their phone.

  6. Chevan says:

    @ #2 – if they didn’t think that, they wouldn’t have bothered making the ad.

  7. Cazart says:

    I’ve heard good things about the Pre, but the ad underwhelms me. I would’ve left the gross apple core out. It’s a simplistic visual, and the last thing Palm needs to do is get into an overt hissy fight with Apple.

  8. Rickyneck says:

    Yeah. The Pre can Multitask. A .5 advantage since the iPhone can to. Now let’s see what else for Pre…………. That’s it. LOL

  9. Clay says:

    This discussion crystalizes the Pre’s raison d’être: the iPhone is the perfect phone — for some. Those whose needs are incongruent with the market leader’s approach to things at last have an alternative of a similar caliber.

  10. vonnegutlives says:


    I have an iPhone 3G…what is this multitasking you speak of? I can listen to music and do other things, but that’s about it. The Pre has actual multitaksing – multiple programs can be going at once. I have heard that the battery suffers because of that, though…

    Anyways…happy with my iPhone, but the Pre is a fine looking alternative.

  11. killdeer says:

    Comedian Jim Norton bitches about his iPhone all the time. The biggest gripe is the terrible AT&T server that doesn’t even work in NYC. Which I guess you’d think would have good coverage.

    I wish Palm luck. I think a lot of iPhone users are looking at their phone through rose colored glasses.

  12. overunger says:

    I agree, glasses manufactured by Jobs and his marketing team. Some people don’t like to know that those cool,great feelings and desires for Apple are marketing manipulations.
    Not that they don’t make good stuff , It’s just that some people act like it’s a religion.

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