Morning tech deals highlights

Processor – Microcenter is selling the Intel Core i7 920 processor for $200, about $75 off. [Slickdeals] ⌦ Arc Mouse – Microsoft Arc cordless laser mouse (the one that has the flip up rear end) for $20, shipped. I've never used these except to dink around with one at the store, but they seem pretty nice for a travel mouse. They were $50 to start, but more like $35 on average now. [Techbargains] ⌦ Bluetooth Headset – The Nokia BH-212 Bluetooth headset is $7, shipped, and looks like it has a design that would stay in your ear without looking too dorky. [Dealhack] ⌦ Wireless Presenter – The SwissGear PV600 is a combination wireless mouse and laser pointer with integrated multimedia controls for presentations. It's $10, shipped, down from an original $60. [Dealoco] ⌦ Home Server – Acer Aspire Easystore AH340-UA230N (rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?) with 2TB of storage for $400. Includes Windows Home Server. [Dealnews] ⌦ Camcorder – Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG9 camcorder for $150, shipped. I'm in the process of rebuilding my entire camera setup now, from the DSLR to the camcorders, and it's my little Xacti that I'm having the hardest time parting with, even though my phone now shoots decent video. (I'm considering a Canon 5D MK II for DSLR + Real Video duties, then the iPhone for any clean-up, impromptu stuff, but I keep getting warned off the 5D by a lot of people who say using it for video is still a bear.) [Dealnews] ⌦ Rechargeable Flashlight – Cyclops xenon professional flashlight with charger for $41, shipped, about $100 off. 105-lumens from four Ni-Mh 2,000 mAh batteries (included). [Dealnews] ⌦ Emergency Kit – The ReadyQwik survival bag is surely not as good as a hand-made bug-out bag, but with a shaker flashlight, crank phone charger, a simple meal, a multi-tool, and water sterilization kits (and more) for $26, shipped, it's better than nothing. (I'll be taking the Hitler Bunker option, so my bag is just a couple of tablets of cyanide, which I very nearly crush between my molars every time a car alarm goes off in the night.) [Dealnews] ⌦ Roomba – Today's Woot is an refurbished iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall for $135, shipped.
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4 Responses to Morning tech deals highlights

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    That’s some buttery smoothness in that Core i7 920.

    -and don’t think you can’t overclock ‘em, because the 920 will go pretty far with a better air cooler.

    I haven’t even touched any OC settings on mine yet, mostly because I haven’t seen the need for it.

  2. Hold off on that expensive Canon. The dslr makers haven’t completely come to terms with letting you have full manual control over the video side at full resolution. Wait them out. Buying it now will be like saving up and finally getting an Atari the day before Nintendo comes out.

  3. mccrum says:

    I hate to do it, but have to respectfully disagree with historyisaweapon. The 5D Mark II is awesome at video. Simply awesome. The new firmware lets you have full control over all video functions (but still, oddly enough, no 24p/25p framerate yet, rumors indicate it’s on the way). My film-making wife has been stunned at the resolution and depth of the darks, not to mention the lens quality.

    Sound is awful, if you’re thinking that a tiny little mic buried next to the focus motor is a good idea in the first place, you shouldn’t be spending the money. But if you’re serious about it, you’re probably leaning towards using off-camera sound anyway and BeachTek as well as a few others have already come up with good solutions, not to mention the private firmware update that was floated out last week.

    At any rate, I’ve been thrilled with my 5Dii and haven’t been disappointed in any of the video I have of the new daughter, even the stuff before the firmware upgrade. Do it Joel.

  4. Bella Jong says:

    Hi Joel,

    Why you have stop posting tech deals every week? You have really posted some damm good deals. I wish you start doing again. From last month I do follow some good tech deal sites such as:

    Very eager to see this part(deal section) will on the wheels soon..


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