Smartphone guide keeps it simple

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Wired's guide to buying a smartphone is nice and straightforward. Send it to the people you know need it. [Gadget Lab]

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5 Responses to Smartphone guide keeps it simple

  1. stephen Linhart says:

    Faulty pricing, images not to scale, not latest models. Why the back of the iPhone and the front of the others?

  2. Scott says:

    Actually, it’s incomplete and full of erroneous data… It’s a poor comparison, not suitable for anyone, least of all anyone who needs it.

  3. grooverut says:

    That comparison is rough. First, they make all the phones look the same size when actually the Pre is smaller than the others. The G1 does have video recording. It should also state that the memory for the Storm and G1 are expandable.

  4. g.deck says:

    But the information on it is crap. At least the end value. If someone is really paying $150/mo to use the iphone, they are dumb.

  5. brianary says:

    Not really a fair comparison. The Android specs look like a generation behind the rest, rather than Cupcake/Hero/Samsung Galaxy-level.

    Wired should’ve waited just a bit (hopefully not too long) until these new Android phones were widely available, otherwise why even include it?

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