LED Life Mask


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4 Responses to LED Life Mask

  1. Gareth Branwyn says:

    And the image was actually taken from an article Alden wrote for Make: Online about making cool castings like this for your LED Light Brick (a project he did in MAKE, Volume 18).

    Here’s the Make: Online how-to:


  2. Um, who made it? Where is it displayed?

    (I’m guessing Art-O-Matic in DC…but only because there’s a faint hint of the US Capitol, plus the building and neighborhood seems to be pretty officey and not museum-like.)

    I know boingboing is all about sharing interesting stuff, but sometimes a little more info is necessary to justify a post — especially when the post is just a photo of someone else’s artwork, attribution and a little background are crucial.

  3. haineux says:

    Reminds me of the Media Lab/DARPA “Talking Heads” project.

    can haz moar infoz plz?

  4. aldenhart says:

    Just saw this, and yes, it is my Artomatic2009 submission. This is the show’s last weekend – come see Artomatic in Washington DC if you can!

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