Baby Crying Analyser

ThinkGeek's "Why Cry Baby Analyzer" purports to decipher the exact meaning of a sprogling's wails. For entertainment purposes only, one presumes.

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5 Responses to Baby Crying Analyser

  1. ShaneAH says:

    Don’t knock it dude, that thing made Herb Powell rich!

  2. dculberson says:

    “I have soiled myself. How embarrassing.”

  3. muteboy says:

    #2 dammit you beat me to it!

  4. chroma says:

    Alternatively, if you’re not into wasting your money on useless crap, I recommend checking out a copy of “The Happiest Baby On The Block” DVD from your local library.

    There’s not actually much that babies really need.

  5. technogeek says:

    From the same folks who brought you the canine version?

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