Solar Gard car window film blocks sunlight, not Wi-Fi

According to a company selling the solution, traditional window film doesn't just block visible and UV rays from the sun, but also catches the 2.4GHz radio waves that carry data in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Solar Gard, a new window film from Bekaert, forgoes the typical metalized particles for a—ahem—"nanotech" formula that provides up to SPF 285 protection from the nasty spectrums, but lets your data pass through unmolested. If you're interested (and want to get some real-world pricing), you can find an installer who uses Solar Gard at the product website.
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6 Responses to Solar Gard car window film blocks sunlight, not Wi-Fi

  1. dculberson says:

    Is that a Fisker?

  2. dculberson says:

    Whoops, I just noticed: (a) the analog clock, and (b) the wings on the steering wheel. Looks like a Bentley. I forgot that Bentley has, for whatever reason, not outgrown quilted leather.

  3. DonTEver says:

    I thought AT&T had bad coverage. Turns out it was my window tint all along.

  4. Clayton says:

    The article mentions that the film blocks visible light as well as UV. It should be mentioned that glass is a tremendous UV absorber, the film will only be blocking visible light.

  5. If this is all true then this winfow film is really helpful, it must also really make the A/C work much better. frosted window film

  6. caldrax says:

    made with real snake oil!

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