Deconstructed Moulton Folding Bicycle

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7 Responses to Deconstructed Moulton Folding Bicycle

  1. Don from Oxford says:


  2. Alex Moulton says:

    Seperable, never folding.

  3. Steven Leckart says:

    Moulton is not a quick folder. But it is made to break down easily and pack small for travel, so it’s considered by many to be a “folder.”

  4. Moulton did make a folding bicycle.
    I know because I own one.

  5. PaulR says:

    Wouldn’t a ‘deconstructed’ folding bike be an essay by, say, Susan Sontag? With a photograph of a disassembled folding bike right under the title?

  6. w000t says:

    Moulton bicycles don’t fold, they just have small wheels and front and rear suspension. It certainly looks like several popular folding bikes, though. I probably would also have assumed folding if not for Google and Wikipedia:

  7. garygkn says:

    Absolutely , Moulton has never produced a folding bicycle, never!

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