Behold the Nomad

Credit: Jason Battersby, Project Nomad.

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9 Responses to Behold the Nomad

  1. Anonymous says:

    So if you got five of these, would you be able to form Voltron?

  2. Rick Fletcher says:

    Looks like the evolution of the Big Dog.

  3. Dag Notland says:

    Well, it would be brilliant for people like me that’s extremely allergic to everything with fur on it… 5 meters is the nearest I can be to a horse without reacting… I envy those that can go hiking with a horse…

  4. Cowtown2 says:

    I have long coveted a tract of 40 acres or more in Central or West Texas. Well, “coveted” one 640 acres or more, but willing to accept 40 and up.

    Not being a horseman, I have had the corollary desire for a 4-wheeler I would name “Trigger.”

    “Trigger” just lost his wheels.

  5. certron says:

    Would this vehicle (if we can call it that) be more or less terrifying if there were no rider?

    I would have considered it to have larger back legs and wider rear pads, but I’m imagining the path of the rider if the vehicle primarily used the rear legs for leaping versus a speedier gallop using all four legs. Basically, the question is whether it would be a rhythmic 1-2Hz of spine compression, or a generally rattling thrum as all 4 feet alternated over the terrain.

    I’m torn between wanting to own one but realizing I’d probably never want to ride it.

  6. Takashi Omoto says:

    Now I can only imagine hundreds of Greenpeace members descending into a valley in these machines, like a Indian raid from a 60’s cowboy movie, while the workers in some generic oil rig look in disbelief and horror.

    That said, I’d provably ride a Big Dog if they ever make it into a transportation vehicle.

  7. Colin says:

    Now this is the future – if it has a ‘pounce’ button,I’m sold.

  8. RedShirt77 says:

    When walking down a thin mountain train, do I want a million years of evolution under me or 5 years of engineering pushed to market to be profitable?


  9. erratic says:

    I just like the idea of having my own quadrupedal evangelion

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