Trailer: 2012: It's a Disaster!

A spot-on parody that does nothing to diminish the fact that I'll be watching this Day 0, high as a DEA surveillance kite. [via io9
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12 Responses to Trailer: 2012: It's a Disaster!

  1. usonia says:

    The REAL trailer is so lame. If it was going to half this cool, I’d be more excited. I hope it comes out in time to see it at the Northfield Drive-In.

  2. igpajo says:

    Man…all that needs is some Samuel L. Jackson. Or 70’s Charleton Heston.

  3. spazzm says:

    Much better than the real trailer.

  4. nehpetsE says:

    as narrated by Strongbad

  5. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    I want to see this one.

  6. Jesper says:

    Joel! You came back!

  7. Halloween Jack says:

    awwwwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhh!

  8. bibulb says:

    That… that was a beautiful thing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Awesome except for the typo.

  10. codeman38 says:

    @Esghalis: As mentioned in the description on YouTube, it’s “Okey Dokey” and “Bongolia” by the Incredible Bongo Band.

  11. esghalis says:

    What is the music on this trailer?

  12. Rickyneck says:

    Video is very nice but, It is very difficult to believe 2012 disaster…!!!
    Is it true..?

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