Toshiba R600 with colossal SSD reviewed. Verdict: "The Bee's Knees."

Gizmodo's Mark Wilson writes that fast flash storage with hard drive-like capacity puts Toshiba on top of the world.
Fast! This isn't some bargain basement drive that Toshiba shoved in a laptop for bragging rights.
Benchmarks are spectacular: it grossly outperforms the similar MacBook Air and Lenovo X301 when it comes to read/write tests. The 512GB SSD does mean, however, that you pay $3,500 for a laptop that would otherwise be half that price.

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3 Responses to Toshiba R600 with colossal SSD reviewed. Verdict: "The Bee's Knees."

  1. Clemoh says:

    Does anyone know if these SSD are built with the same footprint as a regular notebook HD? IE can you simply go buy one of these and pug it into an existing notebook?

  2. Enochrewt says:

    Sure it’s great now, but what happens after ~100,000 read/writes? They need to fix that before SSD becomes viable. Or maybe they won’t because they’ll sell more drives that way…

  3. Rickyneck says:

    I thought macbooks were expensive. I purchased my laptop a year ago for $400 at Best Buy and it still works great :) I cannot wait to see this kind of technology built in to regular notebooks.

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