Seth Raphael, MIT-trained magician

Seth Raphael is a Portland magician who will be doing a full-blown version of his "technology or magic?" show at the Hollywood Theater this Saturday, July 11th at 7:15PM. This is a warm-up for a performance at the TED conference, so get him before the malarial venture capitalists get to him first. Tickets are $10.
MagicSeth's groundbreaking magic features a psychic website, a card trick done over instant messenger, and a time machine. His performance pushes the boundaries of magic and technology, discarding the silk handkerchiefs of his predecessors and embracing the machines that fill our daily life.
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6 Responses to Seth Raphael, MIT-trained magician

  1. Gigi says:

    My old classmate!

    He is awesome. You will not be disappointed.

  2. zikman says:

    this guy better be good, because previous magicians at TED pretty much sucked

  3. wakeupsilver says:

    Hey. I first met Seth at MIT. The guy is completely amazing. He learns new programming languages the way an alcoholic learns to down a new drink, and he creates new magic tricks like an improv jazz musician playing a solo. See him on the big stage, but more importantly get some time with him to start to see how “anything is possible.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    of course he’ll be good, just look at that goatee and spiffy hat, you can’t sport those and be a bad magician, it’s just not possible.

    never trust a clean-shaven magician.

  5. Rickyneck says:

    Great magician!!!!
    “Seth Raphael shows how easily the trained magician can enter the world of objective data and transform it to entertaining mischief. Seth fooled me, and I enjoyed every second.”

  6. clockbound says:

    Well, this is surprising.

    I went to college with Seth. Strangely enough he’s only one of two Hampshire College graduates to be named a TED fellow this year, the other being Alex Petroff of Working Villages International. Should be an interesting conference this year.

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