D-Lux 4 is a "gateway drug"

CrunchGear's John Biggs reviews the D-Lux 4, a $700 point-and-shoot camera from Leica. That company's "stranglehold on the the hearts and minds of photographers everywhere" notwithstanding, it's nice.
The D-LUX 4 is a gateway drug and anyone who has used an M8 will attest that when you use Leica glass on a Leica body you get some amazing shots. That said, the D-LUX 4 is an excellent second point-and-shoot and is great for grabbing hard to frame shots that other point-and-shoots would completely destroy.
As he points out, if you just want a really good point and shoot, the practically identical and cheaper LX3K is a better bet. Both models are built by Panasonic; Leica adds custom firmware and a nice red dot. Review: Leica D-LUX 4 [CrunchGear]

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9 Responses to D-Lux 4 is a "gateway drug"

  1. SamSam says:

    Link to the review?

    What I really want to know is what the shutter delay is like. I’ve been looking for years for a digital p&s that can fire out shots like my trusty five year old digital Rebel, but have always been disappointed.

  2. dculberson says:

    That’s because a digital Rebel is still an awesome camera.

  3. BenSeese says:

    Rob, these may be of little value to most, but compared to the Panasonic, the Leica also comes with better software, a longer warranty and higher resale value. I know, meh.

    Now, what’s with your headline? I’m not sure the author knows what the phrase “gateway drug” means. I guess his vague implication is that once you own a DLux4 you’ll want an M8, which is insane. I would love to see a survey of M8 owners asking them if they owned a Leica digicam before the M8. My guess is it would be in the low single-digit percentage range. And the other direction: LX3/DLux4 owners who proceed to buy an M8 — we’re talking about parts-per-million, not percentages.

    What I’m seeing in the marketplace (I sell these things), is that SLR owners are the ones buying LX3/DLux4/G10-type cameras. So I think the better analogy would be “nicotine patch.”

  4. GyroMagician says:

    @KNYGHTRYDA – I walked half way around London looking for an LX3. Eventually found one in the airport duty free (smug). It’s a sweet camera – we have some stunning macro shots. Keep searching, you’ll love it when you find one :-)

  5. rak0ribz says:

    You’re likely to be disappointed by this one too, then. Unless the D-LUX 4 is substantially faster than the LX3 (and the smart money says it ain’t), it’s only about average on shutter/focusing delay IME.

  6. knyghtryda says:

    So can someone tell me where I can get this said nicotine patch? Ive been trying to find a LX3 for AGES and any store that is selling it is either backordered, charging an exorbitant amount, or just plain doesnt have it in stock. I fit squarely in the “DSLR owner who wants a P&S but doesnt want to compromise quality and low light ability” category.

  7. lolshevik says:

    I ordered mine direct from Panasonic (LX3), had to wait like a month before it shipped. It’s not perfect, but it is pretty damn awesome.

  8. Earthen says:

    Click lick, $700 for a Point and Shoot camera that’s a bit much doesn’t it? I got A Nikon F4 its more cheap and the picture are awesome its like a having a DSLR on a small package.

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