Contest: Win My Fighting Cock-Bot

I stumbled on this Fighting Cock-bot at a junk shop in San Francisco that was having an everything-must-go sale. The box is dated 1986 and indicates the robo-chicken was manufactured by the Chi Land Plastic Manufacturing, Co in Taiwan. Aside from stumbling on a .gov that lists the manufacturer, I haven't had much luck tracking any more of these down online. (Feel free to Google "fighting cock" and let me know if you find one.) Battery-operated, the 12-inch toy is supposed to fire little plastic discs ("bullets") that you store in little plastic "eggs." To be honest, I don't really care what the thing does. The packaging is what sold me on it [sic for everything below...]:

• Head with colorful lamp

• Chest with colorful lamp

• Attached with 2 eggs. There are 12 bullets in each egg.

• Walkable feet for advancing

• Wings can wave and shoot the bullet.

• The cock can turn it body for 360°

• Never let a child swallow the bullet

For those not keeping score: the Fighting Cock has a cockpit emblazoned with the phrase "Space Cock."
You really can't make this stuff up.
Enter To Win: Get creative. PhotoShop the art (here's a larger version). Create an original painting, drawing, watercolor of or inspired by the Fighting Chicken. Write a song. Shoot a video of yourself singing said song. Create a claymation music video for said song. Post a link to your stuff in the comments below or email me: steven AT boingboing DOT net ; The winner will be chosen based on the merit, effort, and originality of his/her creation. Go nuts. ...And remember: never, ever swallow the bullet. Unless, of course, you are an adult.
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27 Responses to Contest: Win My Fighting Cock-Bot

  1. seanjjordan says:

    I want in on this action too… August 7th is the deadline, right? :-)

  2. J McArthur says:

    Here’s my entry. Space Cock rocks!

  3. Brandon West says:

    Holy shit that’s AWESOME! I wish I had time to put something together… maybe I can bang something out tonight.

  4. dculberson says:

    I wish I had walkable feet for advancing.

  5. greenglyph says:

    What’s the deadline?

  6. Steven Leckart says:


    Take your time. I’m not going to hand this sucker away to just anything that comes in quickly.

  7. john says:

    Heh heh, someone else has found one of these too! I’ll have to go and dig up the picture of myself with a “Space Cock” I took way back in the early 90s, what a hoot!

    Can’t for the life of me remember what I ended up doing with it. I think I gave it away to a friend as a present. Maybe they still have it somewhere.

    I never had the original box though, just the SC itself.

    Now I can’t stop giggling about it still…

  8. Mark Setser says:

    Is it as deadly as asian bird flu?

  9. Enochrewt says:

    IF you do google “Fighting Cock”, make sure you do it at a work computer in a very public area for best results.

  10. misterfricative says:

    I’m uploading to youtube *now* — just wanted to let you know before the deadline. I’ll send the link as soon as the thing has finished processing…..

  11. misterfricative says:

    Right. Here you go then.

    Be gentle with me — I only heard about this a few hours ago. I had to get up specially early to do the video and everything. I mean, I really suffer for my art — and now you can too. Ho ho.

  12. Joel Johnson says:


  13. Steven Leckart says:

    @Cantley: Great find.

  14. Steven Leckart says:

    @Lovemoose: Joel is now eligible to enter.

  15. JHop says:

    My kickball team, The Fighting Cocks, will be putting our heads together for this one. We need a new mascot.

  16. igpajo says:

    “Never let a child swallow the bullet.”
    Now that’s sound advice.

  17. lovemoose says:

    Surely this should have been Joel’s leaving gift? It pretty much says everything one could want to say on parting with a valued work colleague.

  18. Anonymous says:

    so who won? or can i still fight for this glorious thing. obvs i’m going to give it to my 5 year old niece and let her eat all the bullets

  19. Charles says:

    I got to say… that is one impressive cock :-D

  20. GreyTheory says:

    “We can rebuild him. We have the McNuggets.”

  21. Steven Leckart says:

    Yes. August 7th.

  22. Steven Leckart says:

    @ogvor: AWESOME!

    @corrine: you have one more week!

  23. corrine says:

    I’m still working, please don’t give this away yet!

  24. Entry: This is a music video with song lyrics rewritten to Sinatra’s Come Fly with Me

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