Make-your-own steadycam, now with a gimbal

The $14 steadycam is the easiest way to conquer handheld camcorder jitters, adding stabilizing counterweights and handles. But if you want something more like a real Steadicam, here's a how-to guide to making a ghetto gimbal mount, another key to smooth movements. The Steadicam people make a mini handheld rig just like it, but it's $800, and off-brand models still cost upwards of $400. [YB2 Normal]

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9 Responses to Make-your-own steadycam, now with a gimbal

  1. Reality Show Fo' sho says:

    Where were they hatched

    In the nest beside yours BMAN.

  2. fataltourist says:

    Very smooth.
    I built the $14 steadicam. Kills your arm after 1 or 2 takes.

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    P.S. I know what you’re thinking, but the gimbals you can buy at Home Depot for $10 are too stiff — they’re for ceiling light fixtures and the like..

  4. GuyWithDogs says:

    Could you post a picture of the completed rig, and maybe one of you holding it? I don’t get where you are actually holding the camera – by the gimbal only? This looks seriously cool, and almost easy enough for me to attempt, but I’m not sure about what the whole thing looks like completed.

  5. SamSam says:

    The video looks great. Funny that ability to make great DIY tools and take good video doesn’t go with good taste in music… :)

  6. nano says:

    what about using the skate bearings for the gimbal
    axis as well? (where the bolts pass thru the pvc

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very smooth. But honestly, what impressed me most was the house. Wow, nice house.

  8. scriptedfate says:

    Wasn’t one of the big things of the original $14 steadycam that it specifically didn’t have a gimbal? Mind you, I guess if it just has a couple of degrees of play in the planes, it’s really just a damper system rather than anything else…

    Still, it looks like it doesn’t do vertical panning all that well.

  9. BMan says:

    Man those are some dufey looking kids. Where were they hatched?

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