FujiFilm's 3D point and shoot coming in 2010

Fujifulm's forthcoming 3D point-and-shoot camera uses two lenses, spaced about as far apart as a pair of human eyes, to create its effect. Named the FinePix Real3D, it simply takes two photos simultanously, which can then be presented together using either a special 3D picture frame, or prints that use an overlay acting as a 3D lens. More details at Time. [Via Gizmodo]

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5 Responses to FujiFilm's 3D point and shoot coming in 2010

  1. Gutierrez says:

    1840’s know-how in the digital age!

    I actually collect the old cards and viewers. It’s a fun hobby when you find 3D shots of people like Teddy Roosevelt. If the camera allows access to the image pair I’d be all for it to start taking my own shots. The talk of a proprietary development system and an expensive digital frame worries me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is hardly exciting technology – it’s just 2 cameras bolted together, the same as it’s ever been. Most of us could probably knock up something functionally equivalent with a couple of cheap point-and-shoots, a bit of gash wiring to trigger them from the same button, and a roll of gaffer tape.

    The interesting question is, as always, how are we going to view this stuff? Does this thing have a 3D display on the back or something?

  3. David says:

    This is so NOT new technology! I remember working in a telemarketing center in 1994 or 95 and we processed calls for those “You have DEFINITELY won one of the following prizes!” mailers. We then tried to sell the callers a heinous package of medical alert, savings stuff, AND of course.. a fantastic 3D camera. The prints really were cool, even by mid 90’s standards. Everyone won the vacation package.. CRAPPY vacation package.. whether they bought the package or not.. they just had to return the card with their info.. lol

  4. zikman says:

    now this is the future!

  5. Agies says:

    Stereoscopy now!

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