Blu-ray makeup for high definition hotness

bluray makeup.png
Now you can go to Sephora and buy makeup specifically engineered so you'd look good in hi-def. Product page [Cargo Cosmetics]

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5 Responses to Blu-ray makeup for high definition hotness

  1. Clay says:

    We can only hope that by the decade NHK begins broadcasting in its Blu-Ray-dwarfing, proposed 4320p Super Hi-Vision format that one of the following has happened:

    A) Nanotech breakthroughs have revolutionized the cosmetics industry

    B) Cultural shifts have made natural epidermal imperfections desirable

    C) All the people on TV are actually just CG anyway

  2. ActorOutOfWork says:

    I think Bogart made it clear which is best when he asked the director of The African Queen not to put any make up on him after he’d spent years building the lines on his face.

  3. Sakara says:

    Megan Fox could use this…i watched transformers on HD and ooh boy her skin was awful!

  4. AirPillo says:

    With intelligent lighting and camera work, people on film already look better than they look in person to the naked eye, regardless of the film resolution. Most cosmetics are designed to look good… in person… to the naked eye…

    Short of ignorant and fussy starlets demanding a snake-oil solution from their employers’ makeup crew to protect their vanity, I don’t see a real use for this =P

  5. Darryl says:

    Funny — this reminded me that Bruce Sterling’s _Islands In The Net_ had something called “video rouge”, which apparently was a required thing if you were going to be using the new-fangled videophones of the future.

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