Permanent Makeup = Barf

An average woman supposedly spend 30 minutes every day applying makeup, which smudges, flakes, fades and runs if exposed to water and other elements. So, in that sense, I get why we've created permanent makeup. Then again... no I don't! Known as cosmetic tattooing, intradermal cosmetics is a frightening trend. I don't just mean sitting there while someone injects ink into your eyebrows, either. I mean the business itself. If someone is going to be tattooing your face, you'd think you'd want them to be using the best gear possible, right? I've found some makeup-tat rigs, like the Giant Sun Permanent Makeup Machine, available for as little as $120 (batteries, needles, gloves and more included!). The Silver Tomi gun and kit (pic above) usually retails for $555. Usually, I'm not one to advocate using the most expensive gear possible. But if you're going to get forever lipliner, I'll head go out on a limb and recommend you and your loved ones check out the gear at the disposal of your prospective technician. Before that even, ask to see a book of his/her work. Also, try asking them how many Eyebrow Practice Skin Sheets they went through before beginning to work on actual, living human beings. If their reply is "What's an eyebrow practice skin sheet?" ...move along!
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18 Responses to Permanent Makeup = Barf

  1. DrTattoff says:

    Permanent make-up is one of the most problematic kinds of tattoo we see in the field of tattoo-removal.

    Cosmetic ink is not the same as traditional tattoo ink. The pigments in cosmetic ink often uses iron as the colorant in reddish hues.

    When struck with a laser, the iron oxidizes, and instead of fading, the treated area can turn jet-black. We’ve seen countless women come in to our office with black ringed lips who had been treated by tattoo-removal clinics that weren’t aware of the cosmetic ink.

    Ultimately, the black can often be removed with further treatments, but the process is embarrassing and painful – and a lot of tattoo-removal clinics don’t like to do treatments on the face because the skin is so sensitive and lasers+eyes = bad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Perfect Hen Party gift! Let’s all get drunk and tattoo each other’s faces!

  3. techdeviant says:

    My hair stylist told me he was licensed to do permanent makeup/tattoos, but that he was always so worried that he would fuck up someone’s face. The only reason he did it was because it brought in mad bank.

  4. ptruchon says:

    Do a quick search for “eighties makeup” and look at the pictures… How would you like to be a 45-year-old woman walking around today with that tattooed on your face?

    I’m sure today’s makeup fashion will look just as laughable in 25 years time…

    I know, the same argument goes for regular tattoos, but at least it’s not in your face so much…

  5. A lot of women spent much money to have,use cosmetics but some time it make damage skin, last but not least you must buy mineral cosmetics this product from natural ingredients.

  6. dculberson says:

    Rina, you’ve got it. My wife doesn’t wear makeup and is all the more beautiful to me for it.

    If she chose to, that would be fine too, but it’s not this “must do” thing that many women (and men!) make it out to be.

  7. apoxia says:

    Geez, that linked video is some scary shit. The woman sounds like she is attempting to hypnotise the viewer with a combination of soft voice, floating music and tragically misrepresented “facts”. Why on earth would a woman spend 30 minutes a day applying makeup! I can do it in 30 seconds flat.

  8. Anonymous says:

    its “out on a limb” not a “limp”…

  9. BritSwedeGuy says:

    Two words – Michael Jackson.

  10. Rina Weisman says:

    Personally, I’ve got far better things to do with 30 minutes of my time every day, than put on makeup. No one really needs it and most women look far better with out it.

  11. 68flh says:

    Great article, creepy stuff…but what the heck is this? “I’ll head go out on a limp and recommend you and your loved ones check out the gear”…how ’bout a little proofreading, Steve buddy? Just sayin’…

  12. permanent make up is painful. and maybe it can cause damage on our careful

  13. dofnup says:

    I have had black eyeliner tattooed twice now. The first tattoo lasted a little under 3 years. The second one I got in December 08 and is going strong. Due to the very nature of eyelid skin, I am predicting I’ll need to touch it up again, though.

    It’s true that applying eyeliner would take a few seconds, but I still really like the luxury of not having to worry about applying, removing, smudging, crooked eyeliner, etc. Also, black eyeliner is a classic look that will hardly go out of style any time soon. Even if it did, refer back to the fact that “permanent” eyeliner is anything but.

    Please listen to The Lizardman. Only go to reputable tattoo artists! The same standards should apply to a tattoo on your arm as to one on your eyelid or lips!

  14. dragonet2 says:

    Plus if you need an MRI, doesn’t that affect the little iron pellets tattoo’d into your skin around some of the most sensitive, specialized organs you have (eyes)? I have visions of the MRI ripping the little pellets right out of your flesh.


    Plus, I’ve seen a cosplayer who had shaved her real eyebrows and had black, triangular anime eyebrows tattoo’d up in the middle of her forehead. She was about 20. I kept thinking as I was helping her at the jewelry store at a RenFaire that she’d look really stupid at 40. (she also had a stud in her cheek and was grossing me out by sucking on it and letting it go…)

  15. The Lizardman says:

    For the love of your own face, your health, and general safety DO NOT let anyone tattoo your face or any other part of your body unless they are using a proper tattoo machine and are trained as a tattooist. A so called ‘cosmetic technicians’ or ‘permanent make-up artists’ or any other bullshit title using these machines are notoriously unsanitary (many of the rigs are designed in such a way that it makes proper sterilization impossible) and technically inferior. Cosmetic tattooing requires some special training for technique and additional precautions in some areas along with inks that meet additional requirements but is essentially still tattooing.

    You probably wouldn’t let your tattoo artist style your hair or do your nails, don’t let your cosmetician tattoo you. Of course, if you do then please post the horrid results so we can laugh and then tell you how sorry we are about the hep.

  16. Halloween Jack says:

    I’ve never been into makeup, but I still have to wonder about anyone who has this done, ever. Isn’t part of the whole point of makeup is that you can try on different shades and styles to match changing fashions, the rest of your outfit, etc.? Plus, of course, there’s the enhanced buyer’s remorse associated with the most visible part of your body, as witnessed by that girl who got dozens of stars on her face and tried to claim that she slept through the procedure.

  17. celynnen says:

    Barf? well if you’re gonna DIY, maybe. Most permanent makeup (in the US) is done in a salon, by a certified/licensed cosmetologist. The salon should also be registered as approved for tattooing procedures. FYI, it’s not always permanent. My eyeliner faded after just a few years. Another woman I know has had hers last well over ten with no need for a touch-up.

  18. The Lizardman says:

    Results most often vary according to proficiency of application…once again, go to a tattoo artist NOT a salon (unless, of course, they have an artist on staff)

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