iPhone: Flickr's 2nd Most Popular Camera, Sorta

Forget being the most popular camera phone on Flickr. The iPhone is now the 2nd most popular overall camera for Flickr users. In fact, it's the only phone listed in the top 5. Yesterday, 5,489 users uploaded some 43,750 images that were shot via iPhone. For comparison, 6,287 users toting Canon's 10.1 megapixel EOS Digital Rebel XTi (the #1 camera), snapped 109,306 images during the same time period. Impressive, however, it's worth noting the numbers appear to be inflated. We're on the third incarnation of the iPhone &mdash with improved optics, of course &mdash and yet Flickr seemingly lumps ALL iPhone images together. Fair? Or should each model iPhone be counted separately, just as each and every Canon, Kodak and Casio model? [via hey it's noah]
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11 Responses to iPhone: Flickr's 2nd Most Popular Camera, Sorta

  1. Mark says:

    Lumping the Rev1 and Rev2 iPhones together makes sense. They both had the same crappy camera basically. The new Rev3 iPhone should be listed separately since its camera is much improved.

  2. exhilaration says:

    You don’t need the EXIF data to determine the iPhone rev, just check the pixel size: 3 megapixels = 3GS. That should be 99% accurate, I doubt most users bother to resize before uploading.

  3. BenSeese says:

    Don’t worry, Kitworks. See that green line about to pass your pink line? That’s when your camera becomes retro-chic classic.

  4. DTPhantom says:

    I’m not sure this says anything about the actual popularity of a camera. More about the ease of uploading. I don’t use the iphone but on my Black Jack II I have a program that automatically uploads all the pics I take to my Live Photo Gallery. I have to imagine the iphone has a similar system. If every picture you take is automatically sent to flickr it doesn’t really surprise me that it would rank so highly on the list.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s worth remembering that these numbers are based on EXIF tags contained within the uploaded file.
    Most cameraphones don’t save EXIF data, and for those that do, if the image gets resized or modified on the phone before being uploaded, the software that handles it usually strips out the EXIF data too.

  6. Latente says:

    43,750 images
    but nobody look this photo, is like twitter everyone post, nobody read.

  7. Marshall says:

    Latente brings up a good point. I’d love to see a cross-reference between camera models and views per photo. I bet the iPhone would look pretty wimpy under that examination.

  8. Dean Putney says:

    As an XTi owner who occasionally loads Flickr up with useless crud, I think it’s pretty impressive that the iPhone is up there at all, even with three models lumped together.

  9. Myles says:

    Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t differentiate the different iPhone models in the exif, so there’s no (reliable) way for us to tell the difference between the models.

  10. SuperMarina says:

    There are several applications available for uploading images from iPhone to Flickr, but I found none that does it automatically and at least two strips the exif data from the image. And the phone does not come with such an application built in.
    So that ain’t it!

    But with so many people having no camera other than the one on their phone, and the iPhone so popular, it is not surprising that there are many iPhone images on Flickr.
    But when it comes to popular images, well, so far I’ve seen only one that was taken with an iPhone.
    For that sake, I have yet to notice one taken with a Canon XTi…

  11. KitWorks says:

    w00t, my Rebel is #1. Or does this make it… pedestrian?

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