Geek Cruising with The Woz

When Woz appeared on Dancing with the Stars, you may have noticed this shirt. Funny, but what's it mean? Geeks on Board is a feature-length doc that was shot in 2004 on a 7-day Caribbean "Geek Cruise" using only prosumer gear, including a Panasonic DVX100A. I found out about the doc as it was being filmed because my wife was actually on that MacMania III cruise (my father-in-law is a big Machead). The doc, which was cut together using only 27 hours of footage, didn't receive wide distribution at the time. However, filmmakers Abe Forman-Greenwald (currently producing "In Their Boots") and Nate Smith (drummer for the band Shy Child) eventually self-published their work via CreateSpace. Best part, imho, is what's around the corner. Says Abe:
We want to make all of our raw footage from the cruise available through a Creative Commons license so that anyone who is interested in repurposing the footage can do so.
Here's an outtake of Woz explaining his relationship with gaming, followed by the trailer:
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2 Responses to Geek Cruising with The Woz

  1. dculberson says:

    Sweet! I love Woz, he seems like such a good-natured guy. I hope it does well.

    Minor grammatical nitpick with: “The doc [..] never got distribution at the time.” The “never got” should be “did not get.” Never is reserved for things that never happen, not for things that eventually happen. Since it has been self-distributed, never can’t be applied.

    I.e. “Cold fusion has never been reliably demonstrated,” is correct. But “Human beings never walked on the moon until 1969,” is incorrect.

  2. Woz was pure entertainment on Dancing W/ The Stars!

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