Jacket That Helps You Breathe in an Avalanche

The AvaJacket is a safety vest with a built-in mouthpiece. It's similar in concept to the AvaLung, which also helps filter fresher air from below, allowing the wearer to avoid breathing in his/her exhales. The difference with the AvaJacket is you get the added benefit of an airbag which serves double duty: 1) inflates to protect the neck, 2) creates a pocket in the snow around the head that allows for more movement. Great concept. [via MedGadget]
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3 Responses to Jacket That Helps You Breathe in an Avalanche

  1. john says:

    You forgot 3) Makes you look like an elephant. That’s what would sell it to me

  2. wil9000 says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    This is three James Bond films ago, I need an expanding jacket from the future not the past!

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