Reading Lamp

Designed by Jun Yasumoto, Alban Le Henry, Olivier Pigasse and Vincent Vandenbrouck, this reading lamp turns itself off when you drape a book over it. Genius. [Core77]

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11 Responses to Reading Lamp

  1. duallain says:

    My first thought is: how well would this light really work for reading? It doesn’t appear to be bright enough.

    My second thought: what happens when you finish reading a book? You’d have to do something silly to get it to turn off (re-use the book you just finished, open a new book, keep some dummy book nearby…).

  2. Helen-LG says:

    Also it’s not good for the spines of your books!

  3. caldrax says:

    It probably also has a switch, or worst case scenario you put the book you just finished back on until you pick up a new one? That seems like a bit of a desperate attempt to find something to criticize about it.

  4. Toaste says:

    Anybody else read that and think, “Fire hazard?” Draping a flammable object over a heat source sounds absurdly stupid. And while it may seem to be a brilliant means of eliminating the need for a bookmark, the book would simply fall off for lack of balance if draped over the light opened to the first or last chapter.

  5. PaulR says:

    Three people to design a lamp with a pressure sensor?

  6. HeatherB says:

    @4 I’m with you. It’s a bit of pointless critique. Not to difficult to take the book you just finished and put it over it.

  7. lamp cord says:

    Anyway,it’s great in different figure.

  8. Ito Kagehisa says:

    Awesome idea! I’m going to make one that isn’t butt ugly. Something in figured walnut, I think, and more directional.

  9. LyhjeHylje says:

    This seems like something you put on a low table beside you. I like my reading light to be behind me and higher than my shoulder/head, this would look ridiculous screwed on wall.

  10. Booker says:

    I thought the lamp was reading the book.

  11. Drywall says:

    Suck on that, Kindle owners!

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