Motorola Tries Cashing in On Apollo

Does it seem shameless for Motorola to release an Apollo-themed phone that comes bundled with NASA video footage, pics and ringtones like "That's one small step for man..."? Guess again. Motorola famously supplied NASA, and specifically the Apollo program, with communications equipment, including the transponder that transmitted those first images, audio, and telemetry back from the Lunar surface. Hence the company's famous Moon-boot ad from 1970 which declared, "Motorola was there." The special "Celestial Edition" phone is an update to the AURA (from 2008), meaning the tech is basically the same (only a 2MP sensor and 2GB of memory?!). BUT, the handset does come bundled with commemorative postcards and the following info laser-etched into it: "Motorola AURA Celestial Edition, Honouring the Apollo 11 mission, 20th July 1969" Yep, that's right. "Honouring" is spelled with a 'u' because the phone is available in the UK. Ha ha. [via SlipperBrick]
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5 Responses to Motorola Tries Cashing in On Apollo

  1. Tyler says:

    Ah,Steven, that’s touché (with the accent); French, you know.

    Gotta add that I do love the retro design of this Motorola phone. (Mine’s a plain old boring, free Moto.)


  2. Pete says:

    You might have gone to the moon, but we invented English. And really, really good vacuum cleaners.

  3. RoadTransport says:

    Hardly reprehensible, I’d say, but unnecessary.
    Oddly, here in the UK the noun ‘glamour’ leads to the adjective ‘glamorous’.

  4. Steven Leckart says:

    Touche, Pete. Touche.

  5. retrojoe says:

    I would say that in this instance Motorola has a right to cash in on this. But the “u” in honouring is reprehensible.

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