Fourth-gen iPhone in the wild

So, a poor fellow who worked for Apple supplier Foxconn lost a prototype iPhone and then committed suicide. Only Fake Steve Jobs, naturally, is forward with a simpler hypothesis: he stole it and was murdered for doing so. But in either case, someone, somewhere, is the only member of the general public to own a fourth-gen iPhone. I think if I were him or her I would probably throw it in a canal.

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12 Responses to Fourth-gen iPhone in the wild

  1. comviva says:

    Really,guys. I hope that you are aware of what Apple’s legendary internal serecy protocol(,you would probably understand why this young worker went commit suicide.Without the excessive forces from Apple as well as Foxconn,he would not end his life suddenly. Come on Apple, if you called yourself an innovative company with industrial leading technologies,why you so scare others to imitate your product?

  2. scaught says:

    If you refuse to recognize the legacies behind a term like “chinaman”, that’s your fault.

  3. phisrow says:

    Looks like I overestimated the emotive capacity of plaintext (again). My reference to “mysterious chinaman’s oriental honor” was supposed to be an obviously sarcastic reference to the various wacky orientalist explanations that people were coming up with instead of the straightforward labor relations ones.

    Poe strikes again.

  4. phisrow says:

    Well, I wouldn’t enable location services on that sucker if it were in my possession. That’s for damn sure.

    On another note, is anybody creeped out by how fast people skipped over the “company goons, home invasion, and false imprisonment” part of the story to start speculating about how the mysterious chinaman’s oriental honor must have made him jump?

  5. asiajunk says:

    I’m actually ‘creeped out’ by how someone can still use the term “chinaman” in this day and age…

  6. Annie Niemoose says:

    Asiajunk should have gotten Phisrow’s joke (‘oriental’ should have been another clue), but for Category:

    Just because a term makes syntactical sense by some imperfect analogy (England + person: Englishman, therefore China + person: Chinaman) doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. A lot of terms carry a lot of baggage (e.g., ‘Chinaman’, ‘Jap’, ‘kike’, ‘fag’, etc.), and their offensiveness has a lot more to do with that baggage than they have to do with the word’s component parts or etymology. ‘Englishman’ and ‘Frenchman’ don’t have that kind of baggage, but ‘Chinaman’ does.

    Other words (e.g., ‘oriental’, ‘exotic’ when referring to a person) simply reflect an outdated view of the world that hearkens back to a time when the English language reflected a particular viewpoint (British heritage) and was not a global language that we are all obliged to use, and have come to be mildly to moderately offensive to some because of those outdated ingroup/outgroup connotations.

  7. Category says:

    Well, I apologize, and stand corrected. I never realized that was a racial slur of such insult. But then I do manage to insult wherever I go. Etymology’s a bitch!

  8. bob says:

    people say irishman all the time, deal.

    anyways, fake steve jobs has a more plausible explanation

  9. native american says:

    Parents from both sides of my family are native americans. in fact, my great grandparents got together from my grandfather stealing my grandmother from her tribe. not only that, on my mother’s side were many medicine men. i know who i am so feel free to call me Indian. its not what someone calls you that makes you who you are. many people are to mentally, emotionally, or moraly challenged to put much worth into their opinons anyway.

  10. Jake0748 says:

    The poor guy killed himself… over a fucking iphone prototype. It just sucks. Fuck all corporate assholes and all corporate goons for instilling such fear in people. This world needs a lot of help.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Category, you are not very bright, are you?!?

    I hope you understand the difference between England and English (“Englandman” and Englishman)
    In this case, the difference between China and Chinese.
    You might get sued for calling a person Chinaman, but not Chineseman!

  12. Category says:

    I’m actually ‘creeped out’ by the fact someone is offended by the term “chinaman”. He is a man from China. I’m english, and it doesn’t suprise or offend when someone calls me an “englishman”.

    But yeah, coporate security are a bit insane in this saga. And I thought my HR department were rude.

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