Designer thermometer looks like a clock

Japanese design firm Plus Minus Zero has this interesting new thermometer coming out in September. It looks like a clock, except the hands indicate temperature and humidity instead of time. I like it! [Plus Minus Zero main page via Dezeen]

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8 Responses to Designer thermometer looks like a clock

  1. azwaa says:

    Must be nice to live in an area that only need a themometer to -25. In Canada, we need at least a -40 C themometer and you have to watch out for digital themometers, they usually freeze to death at -33 C.

  2. yri says:

    Must be nice to live in an area that only needs a humidometer to go up to 90%. Back in Florida, it would just stay pegged all the time.

  3. Jake0748 says:

    Very nice, what does it cost? Like $79.99?

  4. Eicos says:

    These have been around for years. We had one when I was growing up; it ceased to function when I opened the back and wound and unwound the coiled bimetallic strips.

  5. Rory says:

    It’s designed by Naoto Fukasawa so it going to be beautiful.
    Plus Minus Zero do a range of products like this. I recently bought an analog alarm but had to swap it for the digital one when I realised it had no light or luminous dial, which kind of negated it’s use as a bedside alarm clock. Function won over form.

  6. Mary Sue says:

    Wow! That’s amazing! It looks just like the one my grandmother’s had on her mantle for at least 30 years!

  7. Armanstein says:

    I read Azwaa’s comment and felt so sad that they need to have a thermometer that goes below -40 C. Canada must be really cold indeed.

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