Modular Snake Robot

If you've ever thought to yourself, gosh, I wish I had a modular snake robot with which to inspect these pipe joints I've just welded, well -- you're gonna love this video. Modular Snake Robot: Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute. This robot also has him a website. (Thanks, Katrina Corley)

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3 Responses to Modular Snake Robot

  1. kleer001 says:

    lovely robot snake action indeed! Might want to turn off the sound unless you dig on mid 90’s coked up techno, which I adore.

  2. clockbound says:

    Thank you, Modsnake, for taking me to a rave.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can’t worm’s get some respect. Those were worm moves before a snake was ever trying to evolve into a legless creature. These CM ginerrs have no respect for the roots of technology. That my friends is a robotic worm.

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