Make mine a hammer


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12 Responses to Make mine a hammer

  1. The “Monkey Wrench” comes straight from the Japanese copy, where they call it a “Digital Ratchet Wrench Type”

  2. toxonix says:

    This is an adjustable wrench. “Spanner” is a derogatory term for person of Spanish descent.

  3. PaulR says:

    Maybe where you come from. But no place I’ve ever been in…

    It’s a “clé à molette numérique”.

  4. Owen says:

    Enough of this back torque…

  5. retrojoe says:

    adjustable spanner/wrench/whathaveyou

    If you want to split hairs, a monkey wrench is a type of adjustable wrench/spanner. But not all adjustable wrenches are monkey wrenches. It is misused here.

  6. Anony Mouse says:

    Dis ol’ hammuh, it shine like silver…

  7. retrojoe says:

    They call this a “monkey” wrench, despite it not being a monkey wrench. It’s an crescent style adjustable wrench. A monkey wrench is similar to a modern pipe wrench.

  8. HeatherB says:

    Really retrojoe? And I call it a spanner or adjustable spanner to be more precise.

  9. cha0tic says:

    Well in my industry (music) we call it an AJ.

  10. retrojoe says:

    @Heatherb> Well, spanner or wrench it’s still not a monkey :)

  11. HeatherB says:

    Really? Because a spanner wrench and monkey wrench are pretty much the same thing in the UK. The monkey wrench is an adjustable wrench (spanner in British English) and it should actually be a Moncky wrench. But then we wouldn’t want to split hairs would we? :)

  12. HeatherB says:

    You take things far to serious Retrojoe. I honestly didn’t even care.

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