Review: Primus Eta Pack Lite

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You don't want to carry too much crap with you when you're going on a climbing trip, but you still need to eat. There are several great lightweight camping stoves on the market &mdash one of them is the Primus Eta Pack Lite. It comes with a little carry sack that's about the size of a climbing helmet, and the kit includes pretty much everything you need to make pasta or soup for a couple of people &mdash a burner, an igniter, a pot with a colander top, a wind screen, and a bowl to eat out of. It only weighs 20 ounces, and boiled water in just over two minutes. It's non-stick, so easy to clean, too. I used it to make a couple of meals and I really liked it. It's $115. Product page [Primus]

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3 Responses to Review: Primus Eta Pack Lite

  1. Hiker says:

    So……the whole review is one sentence? “I used it to make a couple of meals and I really liked it.” That’s not really a review…did you just use it on your front porch or something? Because that seems to miss the point of a review.

  2. hugemonkey says:

    While I can appreciate gadget lust for camping equipment, everyone knows that a soda can alcohol stove is the best way to go. They are the lightest and they can be made for free, in the field, out of readily available recycled materials.

  3. Jarvik7 says:

    The first thing I thought of when I read the name of the pack was 穢多. They should probably change the name if they ever market it in Japan.

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