Kodak's New HD Video Cam = Goodnight & Good Luck, Flip!

picnick zi8.jpg
Kodak unveiled the Zi8, its latest pocket video cam (far right). The HD shooter features 1080p, 4x digital zoom, SD slot, and weighs just 3.9 oz. Oh, and did we mention it costs $180. As we've said before, Flip-maker Pure Digital is gonna have to work, hard, to compete. [via Gizmodo]
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8 Responses to Kodak's New HD Video Cam = Goodnight & Good Luck, Flip!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad this new model has image stabilization. I hope the other manufactures soon follow. That lack of image stabilization is what’s preventing me from buying any pocket camcorder at the moment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Less blur with built-in image stabilization”

    YES! SOLD!!!

    Low-light disadvantages are always expected. Jerky video has been a deal-breaker for far too long. Pure Digital? Are you paying attention?

  3. johnnyaction says:

    This is relevant to my interests.

    I am *so* going to take an sd card to the stores
    and shoot some test video..

  4. Gijs Bos says:

    can you use it as a webcam?

  5. thecheat says:

    The Zi6 takes GREAT video but it EATS batteries.

  6. InfoMofo says:

    Geez, buy a cell phone you hippy.

  7. Jeromy Lloyd says:

    I use the Zi6 and really like it. My only complaint is how it handles low-light conditions. Anyone seen product reviews that mention this point in the Zi8 yet?

  8. hemidemisemiquaver says:

    It’s simply ludicrous how cheap you can get 16 and 32GB cards for now.

    I feel like an old geezer. I remember paying more than $100 for a 32MB SecureDigital Card to double the storage space on my Rio PMP300. Fitting two albums in a card deck was so cash in 1998.

    Of course, 32GB ought to be enough for anyone.

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