Review: A week with Dyson's DC22 Motorhead

Dyson's DC22's is a compact and powerful canister vac that looks like a cyberpunk chain gun. Though it's extremely good at its job, the $800 price tag highlights its few flaws and places it out of the price range of many shoppers.The edition tested is the "Motorhead," pitched to those with pets. It differs from the standard model mostly in the attachment, which whips up hair using motorized bristles just like an upright vac. Like the standard model, which is $100 cheaper, it comes with a telescoping standard attachment and heads for use on stairs, hard and carpeted floors. The DC22 weighs 18 pounds, is 16 inches long, and uses the same cyclonic technology as other models from Dyson. A 1/3 gallon bin clips off for easy emptying, and the cord is just over 16 feet long.
The high-tech head made fast work of open rooms, but was also pokey enough to get into tight places: the best of both worlds. It's designed to be easily stored, too, but not every head has a place to "click in" on the vac's body.
In testing, it had to be emptied twice to vacuum a mostly-carpeted 2300 sq ft house inhabited by two hairy mutts. Expect about 800 square feet of coverage per load, unless you're a slob or a yeti breeder.
Pros - Great suction - Motorized attachment makes it a match for uprights - Small size good for stairs, car seats and storage - 5 year warranty Cons - Short power cord - Low capacity. - Complex internals don't look terribly sturdy - $800

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7 Responses to Review: A week with Dyson's DC22 Motorhead

  1. Keith R says:

    Well, I finally broke down and decided to order a DC22 Motorhead like the one tested. I didn’t pay $800 (a certain website sells this model for $600). The thing is that I already have a DC23 (which I’m most likely going to give to my parents), so I am very interested in seeing how it compares with its larger counterpart. What this review fails to mention is that the 1/3 smaller DC22 uses a far more advanced motor that is makes it more powerful than its full size DC23 sibling. The DDM (Dyson Digital Motor) is a brushless motor that is much smaller than a traditional carbon brush motor, and is more powerful. They spin insanely fast as well: the DDM in the DC22 spins at 88,000 revolutions per minute (typical vacuum motors spin at 20,000-35,000 rpm). Dyson even has a new handheld vacuum coming out soon that uses the same kind of motor that will spin at over 104,000 rpm. I am also very anxious to see how much smaller the DC22 is compared to the DC23…the pics above make it look tiny…

  2. HeatherB says:

    I give it four high heels out of five.

  3. Dean Putney says:

    It may be that I just like the grey/clear/magenta color scheme, and the radical bumps and grooves, but it still looks great even all full of hair. If I had $800 to blow (haha, blow) on a vacuum cleaner, I think I’d more than consider it.

  4. Dustbuster7000 says:

    I agree that the price tag is high, but the other cons you mention are a function of it’s overall compact size. In fact, the larger version (DC 23) uses slightly older technology, but still has a powered brushhead and the multi-cyclone canister. And its cheaper. The complex internals you mention are made of plastic, so I wouldn’t recommend whacking on the side repeatedly to empty it out, but there are no moving parts, so it shouldn’t wear out. I love Dyson cleaners, but have always been to cheap to buy one myself (I use other people’s). Your cleaner looks like a perfect match for a small apartment, if you can stand having the small dust capacity.

  5. Andor says:

    Being cheap myswlf, also, I went finally for a Dyson ‘clone’. A Dirt Devil Infinity V8 (love that brand name). More than enough for my 50 sq meters (540 sq feet) appartment, and very potent, by the way… And why not, a funny design…

    I cannot find that model under the american Dirt Devil site… ¿European Only?

  6. Andor says:

    Ah! And I got that one for 100 €, not the 199 recommended by them ;)

  7. Maddi says:

    Interesting. I have this very vac. I wish there was a mini powerhead for hair instead of what they have. I LOVE this vac. So much suction it lifts the carpet off the floor. It picks up every little hair. It’s so fast getting the vacuuming done because the suction is amazing. The only design flaw it has is the nozzle where you attach the extra bits like the crevice tool, etc. That bit is so clunky and fat that it makes cleaning with the external tools rather awkward. I paid $800 for it though and it is worth every penny. I’d prefer a Filter Queen for ultimate best design and performance, but $2,400 and their crooked marketing doesn’t appeal to me. To have my #2 for only $800 seems quite a treat.

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